Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I have not been posting much, mainly because there's not much going on. I am writing and recording many new songs. I am writing a score for a friend's short film. I am recording an album in a full-blown studio with the band Mere Mortals - it sounds really good (and I am mad that I didn't bring my camera in and write up a story about the recording process. I suppose I could take some belated pictures and stage some 'day 1' shots though. Hmm...). I am rehearsing and writing songs with my own band, which used to be the 4-man version of Lost on Purpose but which is now City-State (unless we come up with a better name). We have six solid songs and a couple more are waiting in the wings. Our 4-song EP (including live versions of 'right on' and 'black widow falls') are being mixed/mastered right now - actually, they should be finished by now. Once we have those in our hands we will get some shows and start playing out.

So I guess there's actually a hell of a lot going on right now, just not much that is newsworthy. I'm deliberately not posting new demos, I want some songs to be a surprise.

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