Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back From Philly

Work on the new album continues, I got that mackie a/d input thing and it's great. Just need a new laptop. Got a new song recorded and it sounds exactly how I want it to, that's a good feeling. Got a lot of work to do including figuring out a good way to get some album previews out. It's going to be a digital download at first. Now I'm wanting a new microphone too... I may have to start using my shure 57 just to get some different tones. I wish my day job was mixing.

I ate two cheesestakes and it was great.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good News

Out of the blue we found out we were featured on four different websites in the past two weeks! I don't have time for a proper post but here's the rundown.

This one is exciting. All Things Go put us on a compilation featuring Beach House, Bon Iver and The Antlers! The whole thing is really good, my favorite song might be the one by Damien Jurado. Check it out - http://allthingsgomusic.com/all-things-go-north-woods-mixtape-2

Then Princeton blog Malleus&Incus found us and wrote this great piece:

Then we got a sweet writeup at indie blog Music Between Friends:

And finally Ohio blog (yes!) Middle Class White Noise joined the fray:

It's been a good couple weeks. New songs (and hopefully videos) on the way soon...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Era

I don't think this title is too dramatic, do you?

I haven't been this musically productive in years. I'm recording and mixing at an alarming rate. And I think I've finally reached the limits of my recording setup - I know what I want, and I think I know how to get the sounds, but it's just not possible with my equipment. Thus I will forever be an indie darling.

But I do have this bad boy on the way.

What a doucher. I'm going to take a picture just like this when I get the thing.

It's a Mackie Blackjack. It's not alliterative and it doesn't rhyme, but it's close to both. I don't know if there's a word for that.

It's an analog/digital input device. It's no big deal but considering that my current input device is circa 2000 this should be a big leap for my sound.

Next on the list is a new laptop and a new mic.