Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good News

Out of the blue we found out we were featured on four different websites in the past two weeks! I don't have time for a proper post but here's the rundown.

This one is exciting. All Things Go put us on a compilation featuring Beach House, Bon Iver and The Antlers! The whole thing is really good, my favorite song might be the one by Damien Jurado. Check it out - http://allthingsgomusic.com/all-things-go-north-woods-mixtape-2

Then Princeton blog Malleus&Incus found us and wrote this great piece:

Then we got a sweet writeup at indie blog Music Between Friends:

And finally Ohio blog (yes!) Middle Class White Noise joined the fray:

It's been a good couple weeks. New songs (and hopefully videos) on the way soon...

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