Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Close

I don't think I've ever been so busy. The number of things I've gotten done in the past two weeks is mind boggling - the past three days even more so. I want to finish up three songs very badly but realistically I'll only be able to get rough mixes out. Oh, and I've been trying to finish up videos for two of them too. Those are rough as well (one is about 10% done).

On top of that I'm in San Diego right now. I have to do 'real work' here tomorrow (Thursday). Then on Friday I fly to San Francisco for the day, also for 'work'. The following day I fly out of LAX to Narita. This is insane.

All I want to do is music though. If I had it my way I'd work on nothing else until my flight. But it's better to be massively busy than not busy at all.

Monday, September 13, 2010


It's official. I bought my tickets on Friday. Oct 2 - Dec 8. Fly into Tokyo for 18 days, then onward to Shanghai. From there I make my way around China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam (maybe elsewhere) before returning to Shanghai for my flight back.

The song Tombs ( is about my brief trip to China in 2007. The line "I came and went//I'll be back again//A lie to a friend" is about my desire to one day return to Shanghai, a city I loved but barely spent any time in. I can't believe I'm actually doing it three years later.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I've had this song, it's over a year old now. Actually the backbone, a little arpeggio progression, is probably well over three or four years old. But the SONG came about two Mays ago.

Then it just sat there. I really liked the song. Figured it could be a single. I liked it a lot. I didn't want to mess it up. So I got scared, and whenever I tried to work on it I'd get frustrated. Then I stopped working on it altogether.

I almost finished it last night. I got sick of wanting it to be perfect. I just wanted to finish it. I want to move on to the next thing. So I worked and worked and tried a whole new direction. And it sounds great. I can't wait to finish it, and I know exactly how the rest of it is going to go. This is huge.