Friday, January 26, 2007

Watch 'The Wire'. Just do as I say. It's on HBO. Better yet, if you're planning on buying anything for $50 or more in the near future, do not buy that thing and instead purchase the first season of the show. Do it. Buy The Wire. I just finished episode 9 and I've never seen anything like it. The show has been called THE BEST SHOW ON TV by TIME, Entertainment Weekly, The Gaurdian, the Chicago Tribune, Slate, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Philadelphia Daily News (according to wikipedia). Feel free to add to that list. In my experience, this is one of the few things that has ever lived up to my expectations - not even the Mona Lisa managed that. Watch the show. Make it a priority. After two episodes it will become a priority. I hardly ever watch TV, but this show rules. Trust me.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Hey, LOP is up on the front page of Spindividual. If you're interested in hearing one of the non-free songs to the left, and don't want to buy a whole album, you can buy pretty much every song there for a buck.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Figures, I complain about the Cavs and they immediately win two back-to-backs in a row for the first time since 1993 (I think). Of course, the offense still isn't very good. But I am impressed by their defensive prowess. Their defense is like 4th in the league by any metric. Mike Brown deserves some credit for that.

I will probably be posting a couple new demos in the next few weeks.

Friday, January 5, 2007

As if on cue, a black DS has materialized...

This should boost my productivity.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

I can't find a Nintendo DS anywhere. Not in Ohio, not in California. Well, I'm only looking at Circuit City because I have a surplus of gift cards there, but if they don't have any in stock then I doubt many other places do. So the New Super Mario Bros. game sits in my bedroom, burning a hole through my retina every time I look at it.

Speaking of burning sensations, the Cavs need to figure out a consistent offense. I know this sounds strange, considering that they've won 5 out of 6 right now, but ultimately they're having the same problems as last year. They finally have one of the best defenses in the league by any metric, but they still lose games they shouldn't have barely pull out victories of what should be easy wins. And they don't have the proper fundamentals to compete when they're not at the top of their game, like the 2nd game of a back to back. I hate to say it, since Ilgauskas is on my fantasy team, but they're built to run. They should take advantage of the NBA's new rules and just run other teams out of the gym - LeBron, Larry, Drew, Varejao, Donyell, Damon and Gibson are all athletic enough to do this. And when things aren't working, they can put in Z and run a traditional offense (as long as they consistently pound the ball inside). The guys over at The Wages of Wins are going to do a post on the Cavs in the near future (at my bequest, sort of) and I think their data will point out that while almost all the Cavs' forwards are above average, almost all their gaurds are not. So they might as well take advantage of the athletic prowess in the frontcourt as best they can.

The picture is from Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

Monday, January 1, 2007