Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Yeah yeah, it seems as though I don't exist. But I do, and I will prove it eventually, although not in the same fashion as Descartes. I've made significant progress on the album - I upgraded my monitor and my speakers, so now I can actually hear bass when I mix songs and I'm not embracing my monitor when I work anymore. This is a good thing.

Just pray that I don't start playing World of Warcraft anytime soon.

I can't believe Ohio State is in the national championship game AGAIN. When you're from Ohio, you PLAN to lose. This doesn't feel right. At least the Browns are keeping us in check. By the way, Tressel is a genius and hiring him straight out of Youngstown was one of the greatest decisions ever made at Ohio State. Also, my sister is at school there RIGHT NOW and she won the student lottery for a ticket to the game. And by some confluence of luck her school's basketball team is historically good as well. Must be nice.

Here's my 2 cents: the Cavs need to start sitting LeBron more often. The offense is stifled whenever he's on the court. Yeah, he scores, but that's because he's the whole offense, especially since Hughes is still (!) injured. I agree with Sir Charles - LeBron shouldn't be a point-forward. Yes, he can do it, he's very capable at it, but he'd be better as a finisher. Watch an old Bulls game from the early/mid 90s - Jordan often won't touch the ball until the shot clock is down to 12 or 10 or so. When I was much younger I never understood this, I thought you should give the ball to the best player so he could just jump over the defense or something. Now I know better. I also know that the best outside shooter in the world doesn't have as good a field goal percentage as your average power forward/center. Give Z more than 6 shots a game. Please. He's on my fantasy team. So is Gooden, who had a tremendous preseason but has been inconsistent all year because he's too busy getting out of LeBron's way. Seriously, give the rest of the team a chance to develop as a unit. I'd rather see that than see Gibson and Brown become marginal contributors in their rookie season. Well, Gibson's development could be significant to the team down the road, but at least try to work him into an 8-man rotation. Who is our coach again? Doc Rivers?

No, I'm not trying to become the next Sports Guy. I think my writing ability makes that abundantly clear.

Can't decide which next-gen video game system to purchase? Then let me make the decision for you: get the Wii. My roommate bought it on launch day, and I'm seriously impressed. Not so much by the current library, but by the obvious potential. Wii Sports, which comes with the system, is nothing more than a fun demonstration of what the motion-sensing controller can do. But as you play each game of tennis or bowling or baseball, you begin to think about how a fully-realized tennis or bowling or baseball game would play, and it's pretty hard not to get excited. Red Steel pretty much blew it in the control department, but my roommate and I have already come up with alternative control schemes (in theory only, of course) that will probably be implemented in the next generation of shooting games. I'm not sure how Ubisoft let that game get out the door as-is though. But anyhow, I'm recommending the Wii primarily because of its price at this point. Your $250 is at very little risk - Nintendo has made and will make incredible games in the next few years and the controller has opened up brand new possibilities. The PS3 and 360 could both be great, and the 360 already has some solid games, but if money is an issue I really don't see the point in throwing down your hard-earned cash (and lots of it) on an unproven console. Especially on an expensive trojan horse.

I know I've been promising a big update to this site for a while now, and someday it will happen. I recently got some new programs that will aid me in this endeavor, but I have to learn how to use them first. I'm thinking about a massive three-minute flash intro that shows me flying onto the screen on a winged horse...

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