Friday, February 23, 2007

Thank you Danny Ferry, although I should probably thank Geoff Petrie (the Kings' GM) for not agreeing to a deal. But Danny, please don't sign Bibby after he opts out of his contract at the end of the season.

Now just figure out a way to unload Larry Hughes, resign Varejao and Pavlovic or possibly pull off a sign and trade with Pavlovic. It will be difficult to keep him, but I don't think the Cavs can afford to give up Varejao in a sign and trade unless we get a major guard asset in return - which is possible. But Bibby is not the guard Cleveland should be looking for. Also, forwards Donyell Marshall and Z will be one year older next season. Best to dump Hughes; salary for a more efficient guard or two. Good luck.

In other news, check out this great write up of a massive prank pulled off at the Super Bowl. There's no epilogue in the write up, although there is one at, who came up with the prank. But the writing quality is far worse, so once you finish reading the epilogue-less version go to Wikipedia for a better version of how it ended up. (I was going to post the link to the prank entry, but strangely, although I just read it about an hour ago, the post now auto-redirects to the entry).

I just got my first laptop, so once I transfer the necessary files I will be able to mix and master songs from the comfort of a cable car sliding up a Swiss mountain, should I ever wish to do so.

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