Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Real-Time Video Edition

There is a video camera pointing at my face right this instant. Some filmmaker friends of mine (see the Folly Films link to the left) are doing a video for the song 'the 70s'. It may very well be the most boring music video of all time. Details to come later.

I am finding it easier to just post links on this blog - at least that way I update it more often. Here are some good ones.

First, and somewhat ironically, 'the 70s' has been posted on Sensory Overload as one of the top 5 songs of the week. There's no review or anything, just a quick mention of how I sound like Elliott Smith (yes, I've heard that before).

Second, there is a great, great article on Gamasutra about how the ongoing 'are videogames art?' debate is pointless. I couldn't agree more. The gist of the article is that anything, literally, can be considered art depending on how it is presented culturally. So, put a painting in a museum and - presto - people think it is art. Stick the same painting on the wall of a diner and it no longer has the same relevance. So the point is that the game industry should simply focus on 'framing' videogames in a more culturally significant fashion - like how in recent years symphonies have occasionally played the themes from prominent videogames. Just read the article, it's pretty great.

Last, this site wonders what Valentine's Day cards would be like if they were completely honest. It's hard to mess that one up.

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