Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Super cool news - Lost on Purpose is going to be featured in the video game Audiosurf. It's a big seller on Steam (Valve's digital distribution framework... Valve is the maker of Half-Life... if you don't know what Half-Life is then you're clearly not a video game fan). Anyhow, this is really cool, the game analyzes songs and procedurally generates each level based on the music's dynamics.

You can check out the homepage here. The game is only $10.

Here is a video of the game being played to Blur's Song 2. On Friday you'll be able to play Ohio 2.

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  1. yesterday, i stumbled upon this medium format movie "mélodie perdue"(by fabian maubach) on ARTE TV(probably the best french/german tv program). from the first minutes, i just got hooked by its
    contemplative scenes but also by the great songs emerging from my tv shitty speakers.at one point i was just basically waiting for the music between the talkings(although the film itself was good, very good)and suddenly some piano notes i was familiar with came rushing in! a catchy LOP tune!unexpected but very welcome!!
    cheers from paris!