Monday, October 18, 2010

Right Now

It's 10:05 PM Tokyo time. Jacquie left for LA last night and it was very hard. Tomorrow is my last day in Japan. I'm ready to move on, but this is an incredible country.

Fun fact #1 - they are enamored with Halloween. Stores have been decked out in orange and black since the moment we arrived... on Oct 3.

You can walk into virtually any restaurant and have success, both in ordering and in food quality. We literally never had a bad meal, and usually the food was incredible. Servers will bend over backwards to serve you regardless of language barriers. This is the most polite society in the world, I am sure of it.

I will probably end up missing melon soda more than anything. Grape soda is a close second. Melon floats are tied with grape soda.

They have the easiest to use and most efficient transportation system I've ever seen.

Their TV mostly sucks. It's not all Ninja Warrior, MXE and Iron Chef. On average it seems worse than ours (but it's hard to tell).

Popular music is godawful.

(drunk) Japanese businessmen loved Jacquie. Popular comments include "you are very sexy", "i like you", and the ever popular "you are 16!"

Skype is out of control cool. I know I'm late to the party, but I'm talking to my Mom as I type this. It is insane.

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