Monday, November 22, 2010

Phnom Penh

I'm trying to add pictures to this post the but internet is so slow here I can't even get one uploaded (oh, just got one). The door to my hotel room the first night here opened up into the middle of a cafe/reception area. The driving is back to Chinese intensity after a (sort of) small reprieve in Thailand. But it is awesome.

I stayed in Thailand a few extra days to see an incredible festival - it's three days long and I was there for Day 1. I showed up in Cambodia to find that they have almost the same festival here - also three days long, so I just experienced the final two. Out of control. Tonight I saw the greatest
fireworks display in my life and ate a bunch of street food (but not the bugs... or spiders... or snake on a stick you see in the photo above).

So in other words I lucked out big time.

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