Tuesday, August 9, 2005

The new EP (Anniversary) is up in its entirety, and remastered mp3s of the UV Effect are up as well.

Some R&R is in order, but not a whole lot.

Actually I tried to relax this past weekend and almost died. I went tubing with some friends up in central CA (tubing down a river, not behind a boat). The very first rapids that we came upon (in like the first 2 minutes of the trip) had a huge boulder right at the top. Obviously we were to avoid heading for the boulder, so you can guess where I ended up going. I tried to stick my foot out and push off the rock but the water was way too powerful - as soon as I anchored my foot the force of the water pushed the tube, and the rest of me, underneath and I ended up riding the rapids tubeless (not to mention helmetless and life vestless). Needless to say my knees and shins hit various rocks on the way down while I kept thinking "if I hit my head I might die". Turns out my body is far more seaworthy than I usually give it credit for, but I was pretty scared nonetheless.

Moral: Stay classy San Diego.

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