Thursday, March 22, 2007

A couple days ago I recorded a cover in an hour and a half. I'll post it later today or tomorrow (I don't have the file on this computer). Bonus points to anyone who can name the title and artist. It shouldn't be too difficult.

Somehow I got myself into five NCAA basketball pools this year. I decided to maximize my chances of winning one of them by making each bracket different. I soon found out that this is a double-edged strategy, since after each game I was both happy and upset on different levels.

The strategy might still pay off. One of the pools has 291 entries, and as of right now, after the first two rounds, team Beer in second place. I tried to post a screenshot of the standings but for some reason it's not working. If anyone can influence the outcome of the Memphis and UNLV games I need both of them to win. Thank you.
I am very, very close to finishing the new CD. The final product is beginning to take shape in my mind. Some songs are nearly fully mixed. I still have some tracks to record, and lyrics to write for a couple songs, but it's coming along. Keep truckin.
After I post the aforementioned cover I will repost a more mixed version of the demo I posted last week. Then hopefully I will post another song, and then hopefully the album will be done. Before the official release there might be a partial EP release on a British netlabel. We will see.

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  1. Dude.... I've been listening to "London" non-stop... that's one of the best songs I've ever heard... which immediately makes me sound like some kind of radio-listening idiot... but I like to think I have a good taste in music, and perfect pitch, and blah blah blah, shit shit shit... but yeah, at any rate... from an enjoyment aspect as well as an artistic standpoint, I think it's fuckin' GREAT.