Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm watching the Cavs'-Bulls game right now on a 2 hour tivo delay. The Cavs are up by 12 with 3 minutes to go in the second quarter thanks to some inspired play in the past six minutes. Ilgauskas is back in - he's my favorite Cavs' player, and I need him to play well for my fantasy team.

Eric Snow has had three uncharacteristic turnovers so far. Well, he called a timeout to save the last one

40 seconds to go and Z comes up with a huge offensive rebound - and now Gooden gets one as well. It didn't matter in the end, LeBron got called for his second consecutive offensive foul.

...and I am an idiot. The OSU-Georgetown final four game is on RIGHT NOW. Someone told me it was at 5; I don't know why they assumed I knew they meant 5 ET. Oh well, 8 minutes left in the 1st, I didn't miss too much.

Wow, massive block off the glass by Oden.

3:41 - Conley Jr. answers a three with another, then both teams miss threes. Of course, two of the tallest, most talented big men in college are both on the court right now, so this makes sense.

3:43 - good Bud Light commercial with the self-refilling refridgerator. It will probably test well, so they'll run it into the ground over the next month and I'll hate it by Tuesday.

3:47 - where is this game being played? There's a lot of lime green on the court. I wonder what those big Final Four decals they put on the middle of the floor are made out of. Is it a giant plastic sticker? That must be impossible to take off.

Yes, this is my Bill Simmons impersonation.

3:50 - oh, it's in Atlanta.

3:52 - 4 point lead going into the half. Back to the Cavs.

A lot of basketball going on today. Bad start to the start of the 3rd quarter, two missed threes by the Cavs, one made by Ben Gordon and a lucky shot by PJ Brown. This is ugly right now. I predict a 16-4 run by the Bulls. Hey, it's national tv; it never fails with the Cavs.

Another three by Gordon. I think I hate him. But the Cavs are getting Ilgauskas involved.

Shit, yet another lucky three by Gordon. I really don't like him. And now Hinrich just hit a three. Really, I thought I just stopped watching college basketball. So between the 4 (!) quick threes and Brown's shot that's a 14-something run by the Bulls. My prediction might come true.

Ok, Cavs back up by 4. I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Noooo Larry Hughes, stop forcing shots. You're supposed to be the point guard now. Facilitate, facilitate.

Alright, back to the OSU game.

I am intentionally not writing anything. It's a back and forth game.

4:37 - Buckeyes back up by 4 for the eighth time. Hibbert with four fouls.

4:38 - apparently Miller Lite has won four 'best American style light beer' awards at the World Beer Championships. I hate Miller Lite. It's the Ben Gordon of beers. Way, way overrated.

4:42 - after Oden almost rebroke his wrist we get that great Cingular commercial with the guy who gets his phone stolen in Italy. His reaction when the thief gives it back is priceless.

4:49 - this game is electric right now. 2:36 to go and Oden just got his fourth foul, which Hibbert has had for a while now. OSU up by 4, again.

4:54 - a MONSTER basket by Lighty and a foul. That was huge. So huge. OSU is up by 9 now... and Oden grabs a big rebound. Only 1:14 to go. An OSU win will certainly mitigate the inevitable Cavs loss that's still coming to me.

4:57 - things are looking good. 44 seconds left.

5:03 - it's over. 3.7 seconds to go and OSU up by 5. This is great. We could still have the OSU-Florida rematch, and unprecedented event. Seriously, what are the odds of two schools (out of hundreds of D-1 programs) getting to the championship games of the two biggest sports in the same year?

5:06 - and it's official.

Ok, back to the Cavs. I'm going to need a beer.

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