Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I have been continuously employed for three years. As with most things, this fact has been both a boon and a bane. I need the money, but would rather have the time. As they say, time is money. But on the other hand, money can buy time.

It's hard to reconcile my dedication to music because it is, after all, merely a leisure pursuit. It is unnecessary for societies existence, and if any true calamity were to strike, 'Musician' would be one of the first job descriptions deleted. Probably right after Dog Groomer.

Then again, throughout all of history music has been an integral spiritual, ceremonial and cultural mainstay. Even the most insignificant and isolated tribes have a musical history, no matter how primitive their civilization may be, from the Aboriginal digiridoo to the 'lilting melody' of the Aztecs written about by the priest of Cortez' company.

I'm trying to rationalize my continued musical endeavors. I should shut up and just post some songs, and then fight my way through another day in the brick and mortar trenches.

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