Saturday, April 21, 2007

After a marathon mixing session today the new album is closer than ever to being finished. Of course, I still have drums, cello, and other miscellaneous tracks to record. I'd say overall the album is 80$% done. It's currently 17 tracks, and hopefully that won't change.

Had an interesting night at Barcade in Koreatown last night. They had the original Asteroids game, which was phenomenal. I'm not sure what the graphic output style is called, but the bullets from your ship had an actual luminescence and left a trail as they flew towards their target. It was beautiful in a strange way.

I also played the original Donkey Kong which is damn hard.

I got into a big argument with one of my roommate's friends when I got home because I made the assertion that on a per minute basis, Manu Ginobli is better than Kobe Brayant in terms of helping his team win games. If you disagree with me please read The Wages of Wins.

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