Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have become exceedingly lax in my posting dutues as of late. I blame the Cavs' loss in the NBA Finals ('loss' being a euphemism for 'strangulation') as well as my successful posting of five new songs. That and laziness.

I found an intereting new blog site called Make Your Nut. Strange name, but it's primarily a how-to site for personal finance, although it's written by a guy whose knowledge seems to come as much from his own mistakes as from theoretical practices. But it's interesting and he also posts about his first forays into gardening and on the financial benefit of travelling independently through Europe. And he has a 'finance haiku' contest going on right now - I submitted one called 'special credit card offers' (his title) and if I receive enough votes I win $10. Dead serious. Vote now.

I thought his post on European travel was a little thin; I went to Europe last year and did a tremendous amount of research before going, so I think I'm going to post about my travels for anyone else who may be interested in going. Not now, but I'll start tomorrow probably.

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