Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Cavs are in the NBA finals.

It still hasn't hit me. I'm in shock. I've been following the team very, very closely for a few years now - and none more closely than this season. I can't believe it finally paid off.

The Daniel Gibson draft pick could end up being the move of the decade for the Cavs. It's still too early to tell, but it's possible. If Shannon Brown pans out then the 2006 draft could pale only slightly to the 2003 draft in terms of Cleveland's future fortunes.

The Hughes signing is clearly the mistake of the decade. Then again, you can't really fault Danny Ferry. Well, you can, but as a new GM he simply HAD to make a significant acquisition and Hughes was the only one left. Too bad he's not a quality player.

Wait, why am I complaining? The Cavs are in the finals. The Finals. See, it clearly hasn't sunk in yet, but then again I'm skeptical of our chances vs the Spurs. Who isn't? But I was skeptical of our chances vs the Pistons, and I thought (and still think) the Bulls are the best team in the East. Thank god for the 7-game series. Anything is possible.

But we might be lucky to have gotten this far. In fact I'm sure of it. And Varejao is still a restricted free agent this offseason. And we still have Hughes' massive contract. Ferry should try really, really hard to ship that off. I would withhold all criticism of Ferry for one year if he can pull that off in the offseason, without giving up any other significant assets in the trade. Good luck, Ferry.

Seriously, I should shut up. Now is a time for celebration and optimism. This season is already better than it should have been, same as last season. From here on out it's all icing on the cake.


  1. lookatthatfuckingthing!July 8, 2007 at 1:42 AM

    Hughes the mistake of the decade? C'mon Holland. You're forgetting --
    Trajan Langdon
    Dajuan Wagner
    Desagana Diop
    Carlos Boozer

  2. Losing Diop did not have huge ramifications; we still have three solid big men in the rotation. I barely remember Trajan Langdon and Dajuan Wagner - and think of what we're missing by having Hughes' huge contract on the books. Boozer... well yes, that was big. I'm still mad about that. But we lucked out by bringing Gooden in immediately after that happened.