Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I apologize for the lack of posts recently - I usually write stuff while 'working' but this damn job has been keeping me busy lately. It's going to be bad for a while longer (I'll be in China all next week, thankfully on vacation).

The CD is nearly done. It's almost there. I'm meeting with a producer on Friday to go over my mixes and discuss mastering, so it will be out the door shortly after I get back from my trip.

In other news, I'm going to pull a Simmons and declare an NBA general managership my dream job. Any fans out there (either of you) who become a billionnaire or inherit a team please consider me for the position. I am unequivically sure I could do a better job than Danny Ferry. No question, no hesitation. I would be a better GM.

Matt Barnes is practically begging for a team right now. He's not getting any offers despite a fantastic season. Why? Because he averaged 9.6 points a game. He didn't reach double figures. So all his other contributions - rebounding, lack of turnovers, etc., are ignored because of this one fact.

Brevin Knight, whose contract was unexpectedly bought out by the Bobcats, is also still teamless. True, he's had injury issues the past two years, but when healthy he's a top 7 PG. No joke. But like Barnes, he doesn't score a lot, so the Cavs could get him for cheap.

The Cavs' main issues are both guard positions. If only there were effective, affordable players available...

**Update - the Bibby trade is dead! The Kings (clearly a horrendously-run franchise) signed Mikki Moore to a 3-year, $18 million contract! That's worse than if the Cavs' had traded Gooden for Bibby!

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