Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I feel like I missed the internet boat... like I was born three years too late. If I was out of college in '99 I would have been salvaging gems from the dot come collapse. Instead I was oblivious to the outside world until '03 and the internet pioneers had already staked their claims (Sean Fanning, Bill Simmons, Jason Kottke etc.). I know I'm making excuses. But no one reads this thing.

Now we've been in the throes of web 2.0 for a few years now and everything is pretty and pastel. Google is a giant - I wish I had moved to San Fran instead of LA and started working for them. Again, their ascent is something I could have recognized had I been in the position to do so earlier. There's also probably something going on right now that I should jump all over but just don't know it yet. I'm sure in three years I'll know that I now actually know this 'something' is going to blow up. I just don't know it yet.


  1. Hey, Bill - Actually, I read your blog on a fairly regular basis... it's kind of like when I used to watch you pee back at Miami when you weren't paying attention - I get to enjoy your company without you knowing it. The new cuts sound great. Look forward to buying the disc. Holla' from A-town Ohio by way of Chicago. Aaron

  2. Uh, thanks. I'm scared now.