Monday, August 9, 2010

The Neistat Brothers

My buddy told me about this new show on HBO that has zero publicity. It's about two brothers who film pretty much everything that happens to them - on iphones, point and shoots and 'real' movie-making cameras. Then the edit it together. They got their show in HBO. Incredible.

What's even more incredible is how inspiring the show is. I consider myself to be a pretty DIY artist - I've done everything on my own. But they put me to shame. Just watch the show if you have the chance. I flew through the entire first season in 24 hours.

Then I wrote another new song.

I don't really need new songs. I have dozens of old ones that are pretty good and deserve to be recorded. But I need to get in that zone. I need a new approach. I need to get crazy.

When the time comes I will be ready. And that will be soon, since I'm leaving the country.

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