Friday, August 3, 2007

For once I managed to hit a target date. The mixes are finished. The time is drawing near.

I cannot stop traveling. Even though I've just returned from China I'm already planning a trip to Mexico for Labor Day weekend. Any suggestions on where to go? I'd rather drive, so I'm thinking San Felipe, but Mona would rather fly deep into her home country. Sorry, her ancestors' country. The name 'Mazatlan' has been thrown around. I'm tempted to say 'Districto Federal'.

I received a pleasant surprise today when I checked on the Win Score of Mickael (sp?) Pietrus, small forward for the Warriors. I have heard that the Cavs have been targeting him, much to my (former) dismay, in lieu of Matt Barnes, who I know to be an above average player. While my former suspicions that Pietrus is not as good as Barnes were true, he is actually not that far off, and is a much better player than Sasha Pavlovic (and every other guard employed by the Cavs). This would be a good trade, if it were to happen.

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