Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm trying to hold off on posting any more new songs until the CD is ready. It's hard though, because I'm frustrated by how long things take. But, as I keep telling myself, it will be worth it in the end. I think the art and the songs are gonna be great.

This time of year seems very slow to me. The Cavs are on hiatus and there is very little movement in the free agent market. They're still waiting out the summer before resigning (or trading) both Varejao and Pavlovic. I'm all for signing Varejao, who we kind of have over a barrel right now. Nobody can offer him the kind of money he (probably) deserves, so the Cavs are almost free to sign him for whatever they want. But being cheap would ruin their chances of keeping him long-term. Pavlovic, I could care less about. I would happily sign-and-trade him for a solid veteran guard, although the decision making Danny Ferry has thus far demonstrated does not give me high hopes for who that veteran would be.

There is still a valuable free agent out there - James Posey. The Cavs already missed their chance to get Matt Barnes (who would have been the perfect addition); let's see if they blow this chance as well.

The video game market is in the doldrums as well, although from what I hear the holiday season is going to be a classic. Oh yeah, Bioshock was released yesterday, but I don't know anyone with an xbox 360. That game might be a system seller from what I hear, though, and I might include myself in that category someday.

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