Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The mixes for the album should be finished tomorrow. Then I'm meeting with a producer to work on mastering it and then it will be done. The CD cases arrived today so I have an art project to work on. Once everything is complete the new album will be avaiable on the website. I can't tell you how badly I want to get this thing out the door.

In other news, Kevin Garnett has been traded to the Celtics. This is somewhat exciting, but I'm not really pleased because this makes the Celtics a very dangerous team. The Cavs, meanwhile, are no more dangerous than last year, which was not altogether very dangerous. Coincidentally, Matt Barnes is still a free agent.

I'm still not back on track from the trip to China. I woke up three times last night, and each time felt fully awake. I wish I was walking around Shanghai right now, 99% humid 90 degree weather and stomach parasites notwithstanding.

I am rereading the sixth Harry Potter book in preparation for the seventh. I am avoiding the news like a plague, paranoid that a crucial plot point will be revealed (like when they made a big deal out of a character's death in book 4). I hate the media sometimes. What a bunch of whiners. But I love Nancy Grace. Love that Nancy Grace. She's the moral authority. Can someone please define 'morals'? What are these things, and why are they important? I think morals are like 'toxins'. Apparently everybody has 'toxins', and they get released when you get a massage, so you have to drink a lot of water after a massage. But does anybody know what these toxins are, or where exactly they come from, or why they take up residence in our back muscles, or why people believe they exist when a masseusse tells them they do? Masseusses are the toxin authorities, Nancy Grace is the moral authority. I don't get it.

On topic, why do people care about role models? What is the point? President Bush is lauded as a moral leader, a role model for the nation's youth. He did drugs, but he's been Born Again. But that Clinton, he cheated on his wife, and hasn't yet gotten around to being Born Again. So he's still a 'bad guy', and how am I supposed to explain that one to my future kids? They need to believe that people can be virtous and perfect, paragons of morality. I couldn't bear to let them know that 'good guys' do 'bad things'... and vice versa. A rigid, black and white outlook on life is very important to a young child's development. Sublety is for commies.

I believe this is known as a 'rant', and is a good example of the criticism commonly associated with 'blogs'.

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