Monday, August 20, 2007

This weekend I fixed a technical glitch with one of the songs off the album. For those of you with audio tech know-how, and an interest in severe minutiae, the problem stemmed from an audio sample I built the song off of. It was an mp3, and when I began building the song off of the sample I failed to notice that the sample rate of the mp3 was 32,000 mhz (CD-quality sound is 44,100 mhz). Consequently, the session defaulted to the 32,000 mhz sample rate of the mp3 and all subsequent tracks followed suit, and when I burned the 32 mhz mix onto a 44.1 CD there was a strange high end distortion. To solve this problem I went in and upsampled every single track one by one, but when I tried to open the session file I kept getting an error message (presumably because the session file was set at 32.0). So I had to rebuilt the entire session track by track, which to my surprise ended up being a much cleaner, more balanced mix than the original one. (I also could have just upsampled the previous mix to 44.1, but I wanted to remix everything at the higher sample rate).

I didn't say this would be interesting.

So now that the final hurdle is out of the way I can begin on my art project - screen printing the CD cases. I'm doing it myself this time, and I can only hope the end result is as good as what Little Jacket did for the Ultraviolet Effect.

Note - I just learned that the aforementioned UV Effect CD cover design will be featured in a design book (!) entitled "Two Colors: Low Budget, High Impact" by Maomao Publications of Barcelona. Sweet!

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