Monday, May 7, 2007

Easily the best part of writing this blog is picking out the pictures to go at the top of each post. If I didn't get to do that I'd probably write even less than I do.

I wrote the letters 'BR' on the back of my left hand this morning. I write on my hand a lot so I don't have to buy a PDA. But I can't remember what 'BR' stands for, so maybe I should buy that PDA anyhow. I also wrote 'LIB' but I know that means I need to return some books to the library.

Maybe if I talk it through I'll remember. I only partake in a handful of activities so the potential number of meanings of 'BR' is relatively small. I play soccer, but there is no soccer happening tonight. I spent way too much time in my ever-expanding garden but after thinking about it, 'BR' has nothing to do with that either. I play video games but I'm constantly struggling to play them less, so I certainly don't need a reminder to do that.

Ah, it worked. I just remembered 'BR' stands for 'Bottle Rocket', the first film by Wes Anderson (and Owen Wilson). I saw part of that movie again over the weekend and it's one of my favorites. I think it's far superior to the Royal Tenenbaums, the Life Aquatic and, on some levels, even Rushmore. But I love Rushmore. I was doing some research on the movie today - I read half each of the original and final scripts (markedly different) and I'm more convinced than ever that I could write a quality script if I ever felt such an undertaking would be worthwhile.

I'm still not sure exactly why I wanted to remind myself about Bottle Rocket. I think I wanted to do more research, but I ended up reading a ton about it - much more than I originally anticipated. I did this instead of, oh, say, finishing up a response analysis for last year's Missions Outreach campaign. This is what I should have been doing at work. In the end I did finish up the analysis, but first I read all that stuff about Bottle Rocket.

I really couldn't care less about how the coming year's campaign will do. I am also very confident that no one from my workplace reads my blog, or even knows of its existence.

I was originally going to write about how I didn't feel like writing anything today. Now look what happened.

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  1. BR stands for Banana Republic. Which probably means you were supposed to buy me something.