Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm not going to bother posting anything about last night's Cavs' game. My thoughts re: Larry Hughes can be found in one of this week's other posts.

At one point Z was 6 of 7 and Hughes was 1 of 14. Explain that to me please.

Ok that's all. On to something else. In a fit of sponteneity yesterday I grabbed my ipod and went on one of my longest runs ever. I hadn't been running in months but thanks to my weekly soccer games I managed to not get tired. My arms and legs felt weird though, and I was fighting chunks the whole way cause I had eaten a bunch of tacos and rice just a couple hours earlier. It turned out to be a 3-mile run (I verfied it). I am disappointed at how short that distance sounds. It took so long to run that far though - anything longer just seems like a waste of time.

Ok, music. I am going to get some final mixes together tonight, and next week the pre-EP will be finished. As in done. I'll be posting mp3s, possibly as early as tonight (?). I know both of you are excited.

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