Friday, May 18, 2007

Yesterday was a marathon music fest. Keep in mind that when I said 'final mix' yesterday, there's still mastering that needs to be done. Take a listen to the song and then listen to oh, I don't know, Neon Bible afterwards. There's really no comparison. Mine sounds like crap. Well, it's always going to sound worse because I don't have an engineer or producer or even pro tools. But the actual final track will sound mas mejor.

I'm passing on this phenomenal link I found on Dubious Quality by Bill Harris (he's got a great analysis of the PS3's woes at the top of the page). Take it from me - this shot is very, very, very diffucult to pull off, even when you're not mid-game. Also to take from me - Bill Harris is a good blogger. In his PS3 post he actually takes numbers, DOES MATH, and then comes up with his own conclusion of what the numbers are saying. He does the legwork. I am just the leg.

Ok, I feel like posting another 'final mix'. This was unplanned, so I only have it as a .wma file (because I'm posting from work).

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