Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The plan is coming up again...

The pre-EP is now on the fast track for release. The drums will have to wait per my drummer's availability, and I am getting impatient. So there will be two versions of a few songs.

Why doesn't America offer an economic incentive for people (women) who agree to only have one or two children? A lot of people plan on doing this anyhow, and since it's in America's long-term interests to have fewer inhabitants (thereby lowering welfare/medicare etc. costs and allowing a greater immigrant workforce) why isn't this being done? What is the point of tax breaks for dependents? It's essentially an unofficial pro-birth policy. Why? It's not 1940 anymore.

I wonder how much it costs to maintain the American/Mexican border. I wonder how much growth that cost could provide if it were invested in Mexico's infrastructure and industry, and I wonder how many fewer immigrants would be trying to get into America if conditions were improved in Mexico. Again, isn't that in our best long-term interests? It's not like we have a free-trade agreement with Iraq.

I probably sound like an anarcho-syndicalist.

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