Monday, May 21, 2007

Well, I had an eventful weekend. Too eventful, actually. I might post about Saturday's activities later, but Sunday's are infinitely more fascinating.

I played soccer in the AM as usual, only I got a concussion. I went up for a header and go smacked in the back corner of my skull - I immediately felt my left leg go numb and then start tingling. The feeling was back in an instant, but that scared me tremendously. My head hurt badly and I rolled around on the ground for a while. I tried to keep playing for a few minutes longer but I knew something was wrong, I eventually went over to the sidelines. The next few minutes are extremely vague - I think the game was stopped and some people came over, then one of them walked me over to a groundskeeper's office (we play at a school, so I guess there is a school rep there are at all times). I don't remember walking in or someone giving me ice for my head, but I remember sitting in that office while the supervisor called my girlfriend to come pick me up.

While sitting there, I realized I didn't know what month it was. I was aware that I could figure out what month it was by considering the weather outside and by thinking of recent past events, but something was keeping me from actually focusing on the question. Likewise, when I was in the car with my girlfriend she asked me if I remembered what I did Saturday morning - I didn't, but only because I couldn't successfully process the query 'what I did yesterday morning'. When she gave me the hint that I had welts on my back, I immediately remembered that I had gone paintballing. So I didn't forget about it, I just couldn't focus on coming up with the answer on my own.

It was fascinating, but of course a little scary. I wish a second version of me could have been around to ask a multitude of questions while I was in that state - it would have been a fun study to do, to see if 'we' could pinpoint exactly what kinds of questions I couldn't answer, how far back in my memory was unaccessable, etc. Overall though, the experience sucked. Even now, almost 24 hours later, my head feels fuzzy. I'm fine; it's not that dissimilar to a hangover actually, only even though my head feels a little heavy I don't have an actual headache.

This shouldn't keep me from finishing up the EP this week though.

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