Thursday, May 3, 2007

If you're from Northeast Ohio you know the greatness of Cedar Point. So when you move to Southern California you scoff when people mention Magic Moutain. Six Flags! What a crock.

I went there last Friday and it was actually pretty great. They have a ton of coasters - not as many as Cedar Point - but almost every coaster at Cedar point has a sister at Magic Mountain. Raptor is Batman, Magnum is Goliath, Gemini is Colossus, Iron Dragon is Ninja, Corkscrew is called something like "Vector", I think, and Mantis is Riddler's Revenge. There are a couple that Cedar Point doesn't have, like X and Tatsu, but Magic Mountain doesn't have a giant wooden coaster like the Mean Streak and they definitely don't have anything like Milennium Force.

I almost passed out during the G-force spiral at the end of Goliath, and when I came hold and told my roommate that I went to MM his first question was "Did you almost pass out on Goliath?" I guess someone had an anuerysm on it and died a few years ago. Might want to think about fixing that ride.

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